Gateway setup

Certificate handling

First of all, a real certificate, trusted by your real system must be present on this machine. This is the one that will be used by the services and agents running on it. However, the untrusted world runs with self signed certificates. So we need to have our own CA.

Generate the CA certs

see for detailed guide.

Work into /path/to/boincCertificate and there:

mkdir -p ca/newcerts ca/certs ca/crl
touch ca/index.txt
echo 1000 > ca/serial
echo 1000 > ca/crlnumber

Create the openssl_config_ca.cnf file (see below) in the ca/ directory. You might need to edit it some path in the file.

Create the CA key

cd ca
# Type one of the two command below
openssl genrsa -aes256 -out ca.key.pem 4096    # for encrypted key
openssl genrsa -out ca.key.pem 4096            # for unencrypted key

chmod 400 ca.key.pem

Create the CA root certificate

openssl req -config openssl_config_ca.cnf  -key ca.key.pem  -new -x509 -days 7300 -sha256 -extensions v3_ca -out ca.cert.pem

On the gateway machine, the CA certificate should be copied (sym-link) (ca.cert.pem) in /etc/grid-security/certificates. And the index hash link should be created

caHash=$(openssl x509 -in ca.cert.pem -noout -hash)
ln -s /etc/grid-security/certificates/ca.cert.pem /etc/grid-security/certificates/"$caHash".0

Create/Renew the MrBoinc User certificate and proxy

Then we need a user certificate (MrBoinc User) self-signed by our own CA to be used in the untrusted world to obtain a MrBoinc user proxy.

Work into /path/to/boincCertificate and there:

mkdir MrBoinc

Create/use the openssl_config_user.cnf file (see below) in the MrBoinc/ directory.

Create the MrBoinc User private key

openssl genrsa -out MrBoinc/userkey.pem 4096
chmod 400 MrBoinc/userkey.pem

Generate the certificate request

openssl req -config MrBoinc/openssl_config_user.cnf -key MrBoinc/userkey.pem  -new -out MrBoinc/request.csr.pem

Create the MrBoinc User certificate, valid for 375 days

openssl ca -config ca/openssl_config_ca.cnf \
     -extensions usr_cert \
     -in MrBoinc/request.csr.pem \
     -out MrBoinc/usercert.pem

The MrBoinc user certificate must be then saved on the gateway machine under ~/.globus.

MrBoinc Proxy generation

From the gateway machine, become the dirac user, and source the bashrc. Then:

lhcb-proxy-init \
   -o '/Systems/Framework/<your Setup>/URLs/ProxyManager=dips://<your gw machine>:9152/Framework/ProxyManager'\
   -o '/DIRAC/Configuration/Servers=dips://<your gw machine>:9135/Configuration/Server'\
lhcb-proxy-init \
 -o '/Systems/Framework/Certification/URLs/ProxyManager=dips://'\
 -o '/DIRAC/Configuration/Servers=dips://'\

MrBoinc Proxy generation (DEPRECATED)

This procedure must be done after the gateway is setup

  1. From lxplus: Ban the BOINC site

    • lb-run LHCbDirac/prod bash --norc
    • lhcb-proxy-init -g lhcb_admin
    • dirac-admin-ban-site “boinc_proxy_renewal”
  2. From lbvobox46: you need to upload the new proxy in the proxydb of lbvobox46. As dirac user, do

    • lhcb-proxy-init -o /Systems/Framework/Production/URLs/ProxyManager="dips://” -o /DIRAC/Configuration/Servers="dips://" -g lhcb_pilot -v 1500:00 -U
  3. Allow the site from lxplus

    • dirac-admin-allow-site “boinc_proxy_updated”