The BOINCDirac repository is here: https://github.com/DIRACGrid/BoincDIRAC

This is generic, right now (04/2017) is not used by LHCb. All the code used by LHCB is within LHCbDIRAC.

Start a pilot on VM to test the BOINC gateway service:

  1. MrBoinc Host certificate under /etc/grid-security needed (or somewhere else)

  2. Get the pilot files:

    curl --insecure -L -O https://lhcb-portal-dirac.cern.ch/pilot/pilot.json
    curl --insecure -L -O https://lhcb-portal-dirac.cern.ch/pilot/pilotTools.py
    curl --insecure -L -O https://lhcb-portal-dirac.cern.ch/pilot/pilotCommands.py
    curl --insecure -L -O https://lhcb-portal-dirac.cern.ch/pilot/LHCbPilotCommands.py
    curl --insecure -L -O https://lhcb-portal-dirac.cern.ch/pilot/dirac-pilot.py
    curl --insecure -L -O https://lhcb-portal-dirac.cern.ch/pilot/dirac-install.py
  1. Define the environment variables needed:

    export X509_CERT_DIR=/cvmfs/lhcb.cern.ch/etc/grid-security/certificates/
    export X509_VOMS_DIR=/cvmfs/lhcb.cern.ch/etc/grid-security/vomsdir
  1. start the pilot with:

    #run the dirac-pilot script
    python ./dirac-pilot.py \
     --debug \
     --setup=<YOUR SETUP (LHCb-Certification)> \
     --pilotCFGFile=pilot.json \
     -l LHCb \
     -o LbRunOnly \
     --Name=<YOUR CE NAME (BOINCCert-World-CE.org) \
     --Queue=<YOUR QUEUE NAME (BoincCert.World.Queue)> \
     --MaxCycles=1 \
     --name=<YOUR BOINC SITE (BOINCCert.World.org)> \
     --cert \
     --certLocation=<CERTIFICATE LOCATION (/etc/grid-security/) \
     --commandExtensions LHCbPilot \
     --configurationServer <YOUR BOINC CONFIG SERVER (dips://lbboinccertif.cern.ch:9135/Configuration/Server)>