CERN centralized Elasticsearch service

This document contains all information needed to manage the ES. ES is provided by CERN.

Elasticsearch instances

We are using three instances(host:username):

  1. es-lhcb-monitoring:lhcb for monitoring WMS and ComponentMonitoring
  2. es-lhcb-dirac-logs:lhcb-dirac-logs for centralized Monitoring
  3. es-lhcb-mcstats:lhcb-mcstats for MC statistics

Elasticsearch performance monitoring

IT/ES provides monitoring tool for monitoring ES instances. You can access in the following link.


Kibana is used for visualize the data. IT/ES provides a Kibana end point for each ES instance. You can access using https://instance/kibana for example:

Note: You can access to kibana, if you are in one of the group: lhcb-dirac, lhcb-geoc, lhcb-gridshifters

Managing ES templates

Each ES instance has a dedicated template, what you can found in the repository by searching lhcb. For example:


Curator can be used for easily manage ES data. It can be used in different purpose. We are using for deleting indexes, which are older a certain age. To setup Curator you need to use the ES template repository (see Managing ES templates section.) and create curator4.actions file. For example: deleting indexes older a certain period.

Re-indexing existing index

You may need to re-index indexes from one cluster to another cluster. You can use the following script to reindex.