Sandbox Store

Our Sandbox store is hosted on a VM (currently lbvobox110) and the files are stored on an external volume (currently mounted under /opt/dirac/storage)

How To resize the sandbox store volume

Resize the sandbox volume since it is full. The normal procedure can be found here: However, for historical reasons, we do not have a filesystem directly on the volume, but we have LVM. So the procedure goes as follow:

  • stop all the services using the volume (SandboxStore, but potentially other system services)
  • unmount the FS from lbvobox110
  • Deactivate the logical volume
  • unmount + resize the volume as per the doc
  • tell lbvobox110 lvm to forget about what it knows
  • remount the volume
  • tell lvm to scan what it finds, resize the pv, and activate it
  • resize the logical volume
  • mount the file system
  • resize the file system

I could/should have resized before mounting, it might have been faster. With the procedure bellow, expect a 1h resize time for 500GB.

Step by step:

# Unmount the FS
[root@lbvobox110 ~]# umount /opt/dirac/storage/

# Find the volume, detach it, and extend it
[chaen@lxplus097 ~]$ openstack volume list | grep sandbox
| 8ab0da8d-477b-459b-a4e4-5fd9c57f1241 | dirac-sandbox                | in-use | 1500 | Attached to lbvobox110
on /dev/vdc    |

[chaen@lxplus097 ~]$ nova volume-detach lbvobox110 8ab0da8d-477b-459b-a4e4-5fd9c57f1241
[chaen@lxplus097 ~]$ cinder extend 8ab0da8d-477b-459b-a4e4-5fd9c57f1241 3000

# Deactivate the volume (CAUTION: this step was found to be missing, and was added without being tested)
[root@lbvobox110 ~]# lvchange -a n /dev/VolGroup02/sandbox

# Tell lvm to forget everything
[root@lbvobox110 ~]# dmsetup remove /dev/VolGroup02/*

# reattach the volume
[chaen@lxplus097 ~]$ nova volume-attach lbvobox110 8ab0da8d-477b-459b-a4e4-5fd9c57f1241
| Property | Value                                |
| device   | /dev/vdc                             |
| id       | 8ab0da8d-477b-459b-a4e4-5fd9c57f1241 |
| serverId | a36daa82-3b6c-4018-b56d-fa5cfa376a76 |
| volumeId | 8ab0da8d-477b-459b-a4e4-5fd9c57f1241 |

# Scan the physical volume, resize it, and extend the logical volume
[root@lbvobox110 ~]# pvscan

# NOTE: last time we did this procedure, the scan did not give us the size we expected, so we
# had to manually resize it. Not clear why. In case it does not have the size you want, do the following
[root@lbvobox110 ~]# pvresize /dev/vdc

[root@lbvobox110 ~]# lvextend -L2.92T /dev/VolGroup02/sandbox
  Rounding size to boundary between physical extents: 2.92 TiB.
  Size of logical volume VolGroup02/sandbox changed from 1.42 TiB (371200 extents) to 2.92 TiB (765461 extents).
  Logical volume sandbox successfully resized.

# Activate it
[root@lbvobox110 ~]# lvchange -a y /dev/VolGroup02/sandbox

# Mount the file system
[root@lbvobox110 ~]# mount /dev/VolGroup02/sandbox /opt/dirac/storage

# resize it
[root@lbvobox110 ~]# resize2fs /dev/VolGroup02/sandbox
resize2fs 1.41.12 (17-May-2010)
Filesystem at /dev/VolGroup02/sandbox is mounted on /opt/dirac/storage; on-line resizing required
old desc_blocks = 91, new_desc_blocks = 187
Performing an on-line resize of /dev/VolGroup02/sandbox to 783832064 (4k) blocks.