Installing LHCbWebAppDIRACΒΆ

The installation requires two steps:

  1. Install the machine:

The machine should be installed using the webportal puppet template. LHCbWepAppDIRAC is using Nginx for better performance, which is also puppetized. The main configuration file used to install Nginx can be found in this gitlab repository . The site.conf configuration file is used for handling the user requests and pass to the Tornado based LHCbWebAppDIRAC component. The configuration file can be found in this repository .

  1. Installing LHCbWebAppDIRAC extension:

    cd /home/dirac
    curl -O
    chmod +x
    Edit add the Release = <version>
    ./ install.cfg

Note: install.cfg file must exists in the /home/dirac directory, and it is also generated by puppet.


  • You may need to execute the commands above more than once (for example if you change the certificate).
  • Most probably, it may not work. Ask Joel to create the correct dirac.cfg file. The dirac.cfg file content must be the same as the existing web machine.