Online DIRAC

This page details how the HLT farm is used to run DIRAC

The linux account used is lhcbprod, and all the necessary files are under /home/lhcbprod/production/.

PVSS will start the script /home/lhcbprod/production/ This script mostly creates the working directory under /localdisk1, sets up a bit of the environment, and start the /home/lhcbprod/production/ script.

The code for the Pilot itself is store in /home/lhcbprod/production/Pilot3. The content of this directory is updated every hour by a cron run on the machine cron02 as lhcbprod.

The script which updates it is /home/lhcbprod/production/

Renewal of the host certificate

The certificate used to bootstrap the jobs is the same host certificate that is used to run the pit export installation, and is linked to the alias.

Everyone in the LHCB.PC-ADMINS egroup should be able to renew it. Reminders will come many times before it expires.


  • go to the cern ca website
  • use the tab New Grid Host Certificate, and click Automatic certificate generation. Do not use any passphrase. This will give you a p12 file
  • convert the p12 file in two PEM files: one for the host certificate, one for the private key. The details commands are given here
  • put these two files (hostcert.pem and hostkey.pem) under /home/lhcbprod/production/etc (note: this location is the one used in

Since the same certificate is used for the pit export, you also may want to update these. Just copy the two files under /sw/dirac/run2/etc/grid-security/


The online PVSS panel can be accessed via /group/online/ecs/Shortcuts315/OTHER/ONLDIRAC/