LHCb applications are ran in a containerised environment by passing the --allow-containers argument to lb-run. Before activating this feature the GaudiExecution/lbRunOptions configuration option under Operations must be set to include this argument, e.g. --siteroot=/cvmfs/ --allow-containers.

Containerised LHCb applications can then be enabled or disabled at three levels of granularity. In order of preference these are: * For a single compute element by setting /Resources/Sites/${SITE_TYPE}/${SITE}/CEs/${COMPUTE_ELEMENT}/AllowContainers to yes. * For an entire site by setting /Resources/Sites/${SITE_TYPE}/${SITE}/AllowContainers to yes. * Globally by setting the Operations option GaudiExecution/AllowContainers to yes.

Currently LbPlatformUtils only supports Singularity however future releases may allow the AllowContainers option to be used to set which container technologies can be used.